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Gin Luz



Bottle: 70cl.

Alcohol content: 45% vol.

Alembic: 1000lt. Discontinuous Bain-Marie

Infusions: separate

Infusion times: 12 to 96 hours

Alcohol: cereal origin

Filtration: not carried out

Dilution water: from Monte Baldo (Trentino)


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The first rudimentary experiments for the creation of Gin Luz started in 2012 when gin turned out to be the protagonist of mixed drinking. Initially for fun, Leonardo Veronesi enjoyed mixing several types of spices and botanicals – first of all, the juniper – leaving them macerated with vodka. He subsequently distilled the result of maceration, mixing them with the intention of creating something unique. However, this was not enough. Dissatisfied with the results obtained, Leonardo decided to rely on a Trentino distiller and a South Tyrolean. After two years of “experiments”, the first bottle of Gin Luz saw the light. This milestone marked an important starting point. The professional enrichment Leonardo acquired in the increasingly assiduous collaborations with the Marzadro family (and above all, the close professional relationship with Alessandro and Luca Marzadro) pushed him towards the optimal result. After a year of experimentation, on 1 February 2018, the first bottle of Gin Luz was labeled at the Marzadro Distillery.

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